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Old Town Hall - Jane & Andrew

Bedford Registry Office - Intimate Ceremony

Shortly after I arrived at the Old Town Hall located in Bedford town centre and the guests were sat ready, Jane & Andrew made their way down the isle together. It was a beautiful winter day and the couple were surrounded by their closest family members only.

After a quick 20 minute ceremony, and a kiss to seal the deal, it was time for Jane & Andrew to sign the paperwork and get a few shots inside the venue.

After the ceremony, we headed straight to the embankment bridge opposite and started with a big group shot off everybody and worked our way through the shot list.

Whilst the rest of the family headed to Bridges nearby for a glass of fizz, I got some time with Jane & Andrew to get some couple portraits. This is always my favourite time of a wedding day to capture the raw emotions. A lot of couples biggest regret on their wedding day is being so busy they hardly spent their time with their other half. Couple portraits are the perfect answer to this to get some quiet time away and just take it all in and let me capture it!

When we finished the bride and groom's portrait session, it was time for the couple to join their families and have a quiet meal together.

Not every wedding needs to be huge with hundreds of people and spending loads of money. Sometimes its just about having your close loved ones by and having a nice day. This is why I offer a great package that covers the ceremony and group shots only from £275!!

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